Hausemehr Diva IID GMY


5-7 October 2003
Rottweiler Club of NSW 13th National Specialty Show
Judge - Mr Gerard O'Shea (Sweden)
Grading - SG5

12 month old. Large. Very correct type. Excellent substance and bone. Beautiful head form. Broad skull, strong stop, full muzzle. Correct ears. Very dark eyes. Good pigment. Correct bite. Excellent neck, overline, ribbing and quarters. Moderate depth of chest. Well muscled. Balanced angulations. Coat correct. Markings from excellent to middle brown, little sooty on forehand. In movment: little close behind, slighlty open in knee, medium carriage. Good reach and drive. A little soft in overline. True coming. 

13-14 Septmeber 2003
Northern Districts Rottweiler Club  28th Championship Show
Judge - Mr Lex Quartel  (Nederlands)
Grading - SG

Medium sized, 12 month old bitch. Very good in type. A little bit stretched. Good neck and shoulder, a little dip behind the wither. Correct bottom line. Good substance. Correct chest and forechest. Well formed head. Short muzzle. Good stop. Dark brown eyes. Well carried and set ears. Complete scissor bite. Some open lips. The head could be dryer. Correct angulations and bone. Well formed feet. Good short coat with brown markings. Correct movement.